"Dear Everett,

It feels like an eternity since I embarked on this operation. So much has transformed over the past few decades. Anomalies have grown more destructive, faces of new members have come and gone, and our dominion continues to expand.

The marvel of our achievements is truly beyond words. The anomalies we've successfully tamed and contained stand as a testament to our persistence. I've invested countless hours grappling with these enigmas, leaving me at a crossroads.

Hence, I've reached a decision to retire prematurely. I entrust you with the reins of the council and the entire organization. I extend my heartfelt wishes for success in your undertakings. Please ensure none of those anomalies decides to make a meal of one of our esteemed members.

And always recall, Everett, our creed: Contain, Analyze, and Tackle.

With a mixture of weariness and contentment,

The Founder, CAT Foundation"

About the CAT Foundation:

The CAT Foundation is an enigmatic and clandestine organization that operates in the shadows, dedicated to the containment, analysis, and tackling of anomalous entities and phenomena. As the world grapples with the unknown and the inexplicable, the CAT Foundation stands as humanity's first line of defense against the incomprehensible.

Mission and Objectives:


The primary mission of the CAT Foundation is to identify, secure, and contain anomalous entities, objects, and occurrences. With state-of-the-art facilities and specialized containment protocols, the organization ensures that these anomalies remain under strict control, preventing any potential threats to global stability.


The CAT Foundation conducts in-depth research and analysis on the contained anomalies to better understand their properties and origins. Through extensive scientific studies and collaboration among its specialized teams, the organization aims to uncover the mysteries behind these anomalies and their potential implications for humanity.


In the face of anomalous threats, the CAT Foundation employs highly-trained response teams, equipped with cutting-edge technology and tactical expertise. These teams are deployed to address and neutralize anomalous incidents swiftly and efficiently, safeguarding both the Foundation's personnel and the general public.

Secrecy and Veil of Silence:

Operating outside the knowledge of the general public, the CAT Foundation maintains a strict veil of silence to safeguard the world from panic and chaos. All containment efforts, research findings, and anomalous events are carefully shielded from public awareness, and a dedicated team of amnestic specialists ensures that any inadvertent breaches of secrecy are swiftly contained.

Collaboration and Ethics:

Within the Foundation's ranks, collaboration and adherence to ethical standards are paramount. Researchers, containment specialists, and response teams work hand in hand, exchanging knowledge and expertise to better protect the world from the anomalies that lurk in the shadows. Ethical considerations remain at the core of every decision made by the CAT Foundation, ensuring the preservation of both human life and the anomalies themselves.

Join the Ranks:

The CAT Foundation welcomes exceptional individuals from diverse backgrounds who possess the curiosity, resilience, and dedication to uphold its mission. Whether as a researcher delving into the unknown, a containment specialist securing the anomalous, or a member of the tactical response teams facing the extraordinary, the CAT Foundation offers unique opportunities to contribute to humanity's safety and understanding in a world where reality blurs with the anomalous.

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