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Discovery of CAT-071 in Asyut, documented during Incident Log 071-1.


Ceritified Anomaly Tag: 071

Object Class: Red-Triangle

Hazard Type: Receptive Hazard, Ethereal Hazard

Containment Protocols: CAT-071 is to be contained in a standard humanoid containment chamber located at Area-071 of Site-Horizon. The Ether Shields, which utilize a network of electromagnetic coils to generate a force countering CAT-071's phasing ability, are to be installed on each wall of the chamber to prevent another containment breach from occurring (see Incident Log 071-1).

A teacher specialized in Morse Code is to be assigned to CAT-071 on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays for 50-minute class sessions, assisting CAT-071 in learning Morse Code for communication. Only personnel with Level Beta clearance or higher are allowed to enter CAT-071's chamber. No fewer than two Level Beta researchers may enter to avoid causing distress to CAT-071.

Description: CAT-071 is a humanoid entity standing approximately 2 meters in height. It is primarily composed of a shimmering, translucent material that resembles a combination of iridescent crystal and flowing mist, constantly shifting and changing colors.

Its head is smooth and featureless, devoid of any facial features. Instead, it emits a soft glow that could potentially be its main power source. The eyes are large and luminous, resembling orbs of pure light that can change color based on its mood or state.

CAT-071's limbs are elongated, displaying a fluidity in their movements. It has demonstrated unprecedented levels of dexterity in delicately manipulating objects. Its feet are elongated, with a slight curve that allows for silent movement.

The entity has displayed feelings of fear and anxiety when three or more people are in the same area as it. This will eventually lead CAT-071 to leave the area using its ability to phase through solid objects, allowing it to effortlessly pass through walls, objects, or even evade capture.

Discovery: CAT-071 was discovered on 08/07/1946 at the Battle of the Somme in France, where it was observed by two French civilians standing idly at the top of a large grassy hill. This drew the attention of Foundation staff, who promptly dispatched five members of MRT Nursery-8 ("Rock-a-Bye Baby") to the area to capture CAT-071. The entity was subsequently detained, and the two French civilians were administered Class 1 amnestics.


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