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Certified Anomaly Tag: 115

Object Class: Orange-Circle

Hazard Type: Dimensional-Distortion Hazard, Sensation Hazard

Containment Protocols: When CAT-115 is not undergoing testing, it must be securely stored in a numbered locked container at Site-Horizon. Any transportation of CAT-115 from Site-Horizon to Site-Telescope for experimentation must be handled delicately to prevent any damage to the item and to avoid potential deactivation of its anomalous capabilities.

Description: CAT-115 is a mirror adorned with an ornate, pure silver frame, measuring 49cm in width, 67cm in height, and 5cm in depth. When a living human subject stands in front of CAT-115 for approximately 20 seconds, the subject's reflection will undergo drastic changes based on their deeply suppressed desires. These alterations often result in noticeable changes to both the subject's reflected image and its surrounding environment. Notably, when two or more individuals stand in front of CAT-115, the item's reality-bending properties do not manifest.

The item has also demonstrated a cognitohazardous effect on subjects viewing their reflected image. This effect primarly manifests as a overwhelming sense of guilt and anxiety, and it will only cease once the subject looks away from the item.

CAT-115 was discovered at the Heart of Ohio Antique Center in Springfield, Ohio, resting on a 1m-tall wooden pedestal and protected by a 3mm-thick tempered glass case. Positioned before CAT-115's pedestal was a small metal placard securely affixed with bolts, displaying the words "MANNY'S ENIGMATIC LABORATORIES". The Foundation promptly dispatched three members of MRT January-1 ("Top Dogs") to the location to retrieve the item and administer Class 0 amnestics1 to all workers and customers present in the store.

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