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The tunnel that leads to CAT-347-1.


Certified Anomaly Tag: 347

Object Class: Red-Pentagon

Hazard Type: Nexus Anomaly Hazard

Containment Protocols: CAT-347 is to be contained within its place of discovery at the Capitol Cargo Center in Georgia, United States. The warehouse is to be purchased and operated by "SecureStow Solutions," a Foundation front company, under the pretense of providing storage services for household goods. All instances of CAT-347-2 discovered within CAT-347-1 are to be securely stored within wooden crates and transported by a Foundation heavy goods vehicle disguised as a SecureStow Solutions truck to prevent any suspicion from bypassing vehicles. The crates are to be delivered to Site-Horizon, where the objects inside will be assigned CAT designations and sent to the Artifact vault in the Sector 9-X Anomaly Research Facility. Additionally, any documents discovered inside CAT-347-1 are to be forwarded to Dr. Blank's personal office for further analysis.

Description: CAT-347 consists of two components, CAT-347-1 and CAT-347-2. CAT-347-1 is the designation assigned to a non-anomalous laboratory located beneath the Capitol Cargo Center. It is accessible through a hidden trapdoor on the warehouse floor. When the trapdoor is opened, a wooden ladder can be seen amidst the pitch-black darkness. Any subject that begins to climb down the ladder will eventually find themselves inside a narrow tunnel composed of pure stone. This tunnel is approximately 30 meters long and leads to a rusted-metal door with its lock forcibly removed.The door is devoid of any identifying markings, except for a small rusted-metal placard at its center bearing the words "Manny's Enigmatic Laboratories Department of Arcane Relicology".

The interior of CAT-347-1 resembles that of a regular restoration laboratory, though it is slightly larger by 2 square meters. The structure appears to be in a state of decay, as if it has not been tended to for an unspecified amount of time. On the opposite wall of the structure, there is a yellow wooden door with its handle missing. In front of it is another small metal placard bearing the words "Arcane Relics". Behind the door, there is a stretched-out hallway with an array of six pedestals on each side, composed of granite and other unidentified materials. At the top of each pedestal, there is an instance of CAT-347-2 protected by 4-millimeter-thick tempered glass cases.

CAT-347-2 is the collective designation assigned to twelve anomalous artifacts discovered inside the hallway. The following is a full list of all the pedestals and their contents.

Pedestal Content Notes
1 An empty test tube lying on its side. The item has the letters "AAM" written on it in black Sharpie.
2 A delicate crystal ball lying on a red pillow. Subjects within a 2-meter radius of the item are able to hear faint whispers coming from an unidentified source.
3 [DATA ERASED DUE TO MEMETIC HAZARD] Two Foundation researchers were lost after viewing the item.
4 A small, human-like statue constructed out of concrete, standing at the corner of its case. N/A
5 The entirety of the case is painted black, preventing the item from being observed. The surface of the pedestal is covered with the words "Beware the Abyss" painted all over it.
6 Charred remains of an old painting. N/A
7 A Foundation document about a previously uncontained CAT. The document has been forwarded to Dr. Blank's personal office.
8 A lantern that appears to never run out of fuel. N/A
9 A golden crown lying on a white pillow. Subjects who viewed the item reported having visual and auditory hallucinations similar to those induced by LSD.
10 Wooden carvings of 1 and 0, with the 0 lying on its back. "This is a joke, right? -FO-1239"
11 An unhatched egg of a Spot-bellied Eagle Owl. The egg is beginning to crack. Bloodcurdling screams can be heard.
12 u n k n o w n No one talks about Pedestal 12.

At the end of the hallway is the thirteenth pedestal, with its tempered glass casing shattered. Further investigation shows that the case was purposefully smashed, and the item was stolen by an unknown person of interest. In the same area as the pedestal, seven documents were found. Each document discusses widely different anomalies contained within "Station-22". The following section contains the contents of the first five documents, while the sixth and seventh documents are only accessible with Delta-level clearance or higher.


Manny's Enigmatic Laboratories Arcane Relic Document

Relic ID: MEL-AR0199
Date of Acquisition: 10/01/1972

Relic Name: An Infinite Sprite Bottle

Description: MEL-AR0199 is a glass Sprite bottle manufactured in 1966, standing approximately 6.35 centimeters tall, containing around 266 cc of the brand's signature artificially sweetened lemon and lime-flavored liquid. The item's cap is completely missing, and there are several small cracks evident in certain areas.

Origin: MEL-AR0199 was discovered on a gas station counter in Kentucky, United States. When questioned about the item by two MEL agents, the gas station owner claimed it was magical and held an infinite amount of liquid to quench any thirst, preventing death by dehydration. The owner underwent Class 1 amnestic treatment, and the item was subsequently transported to Station-22 for further examination.

Arcane Properties: The item appears to contain an unlimited amount of lemon and lime-flavored liquid without depleting or causing any change in liquid level or the item's mass, which remains constant at 0.555 kilograms. Additionally, the item has displayed remarkable durability, remaining intact even after being dropped on the floor or impacting a human head.

Safekeeping: MEL-AR0199 is currently stored within a secure burglary safe, accessible through a special six-digit code known only to personnel with Gamma-level clearance or higher. It is housed in Storage Unit 4 of Station-22. The item does not require active monitoring. However, it should always be placed in an upright position within the safe to prevent the risk of spillage and potential flooding within the facility.

Status: The item appears to be in almost pristine condition, except for the several cracks on it.

Researchers: Dr. Eleanor Liv

Approval: Dr. Christopher Manny

Unauthorized usage strictly prohibited.

Addendum 347-1: On 25/08/89, two members of MRT January-1 ("Top Dogs") discovered another yellow wooden door on the left wall of the structure. Its door handle is also missing. It is theorized that the room behind the door contains more instances of CAT-347-2; however, this cannot be confirmed, as the door is completely barricaded by fallen debris from the roof of the structure.

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