Coalition for Autonomous Tactics and Anomalous Pursuits Hub

I've slaved for the CAT Foundation 30+ years, bossing MRT Nursery-9 ('The Relocaters'), and I'm damn tired. The CAT's fancy containment? Bah. AOC on high horses with their $20 chairs. Time to unleash true anarchy, my way.

Thomas Floyd
The Founder, CATAP

I saw Thomas shouting at an Anomalous Ethics Commission member yesterday, not sure why though. Maybe an anomaly breached containment. Personally, I think it's political. Thomas, the anarchist, clashed with the libertarian AEC and AOC crew. Conflict was inevitable.

Dr. Mary Martinez
Senior Researcher, CATAP

Watching this ever-growing war of the anomalous, I'm left wondering, "Why am I here? Why help these bozos?" the CAT Foundation only caters to world leaders, not the people. It aids governments, organizations, and authorities, ignoring the innocent lives lost to horrific anomalies that haunt our dreams for years. While they "Contain, Analyze, and Tackle," we're the ones truly containing, analyzing, and tackling these anomalous phenomena.

Matthew Moore
The Administrator, CATAP

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