Foundation Departments

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Arcane Oversight Council


Overview: The AOC, also known as the Arcane Oversight Council, is a well-established group that leads and guides the CAT Foundation's operations in dealing with anomalies. Comprised of the five most experienced and knowledgeable members of the CAT Foundation, the AOC holds Alpha Status clearance, granting them unredacted access to the entire CAT database.

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Anomalous Ethics Commission


Overview: The Anomalous Ethics Commission is a dedicated group of experts, scholars, and individuals with a strong background in ethics and other related fields. Their mission is to evaluate the ethical implications of the CAT Foundation's actions and decisions concerning anomalies, with a special focus on sentient and sapient anomalies.

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Anomalous Information Security Directorate


Overview: The Anomalous Information Security Directorate (AISD) is tasked with safeguarding highly classified information concerning the CAT Foundation and the anomalies contained within their facilities. They also maintain the Veil of Silence, ensuring the utmost secrecy surrounding sensitive data. Throughout CAT documentation, Foundation employees may come across notes from AISD, appended to provide context to the information that follows, often signed by the AISD Director [REDACTED].

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Celestial Studies Division

Overview: The Celestial Studies Division was established to gather critical information about human affairs and terrestrial events through the systematic study of celestial bodies' positions. Moreover, it conducts comprehensive research on all celestial entities, including celestial CATs, found in space, while also safeguarding them from external threats posed by groups and organizations like the Interstellar Protection Agency (IPA). The Division's primary facility is located in the Red Zone of Site-Heart.

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