Hazard Types

The CAT Foundation uses hazard types to indicate the nature of danger associated with each anomaly.

Type Name Type Description
Biohazard "Biohazard" pertains to anomalous substances and organisms that pose a significant threat to all life on Earth.
Temporal Anomalies encompassing the manipulation and distortion of time itself.
Spatial Spatial anomalies involve the manipulation of space, including phenomena like never-ending stairs and non-Euclidean spaces.
Cognitive These anomalies can impact an individual's perception, cognition, or consciousness. The most common manifestation of such anomalies is through memetic hazards.
Reality-Altering Anomalies with the capacity to modify or directly influence the fabric of reality.
Energy These anomalies defy all known laws of physics, encompassing energy, forces, and motion.
Paracasual Paracausal anomalies reside beyond the confines of conventional reality, possessing profoundly enigmatic properties that render their containment and study exceptionally challenging.
Cogntiohazard Cognitohazard anomalies revolve around phenomena with the capacity to warp an individual's mind.
Temporal-Paradox Anomalies with the potential to induce one or multiple temporal paradoxes.
Mechanical Anomalies tied to any form of technology.
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