Object Classes

Primary Classes:

In the CAT Foundation, there are five distinct object classes used to classify the difficulty level of containing an anomaly.

Class Name Class Description Class Logo
Circle Anomalies that can be easily and safely contained with little to no effort, and they don't require any strict containment protocols. Object-Class-Logo-Circle.png
Triangle Anomalies that require a bit more effort to contain and monitor due to their unpredictability. Object-Class-Logo-Triangle.png
Square Anomalies that are extremely difficult to contain, necessitating extensive containment protocols, advanced technology, and expertise. Object-Class-Logo-Square-Fixed.png
Pentagon Anomalies that possess the capability to aid the Foundation in containing other, more dangerous anomalies. Object-Class-Logo-Pentagon.png
Hexagon Anomalies that cannot be contained by the Foundation whatsoever. They represent the most dire of threats. Object-Class-Logo-Hexagon.png

Secondary Classes:

These are Secondary Classes, alternative classifications used to categorize more specific anomalies based on their attributes, state, and utility.

Class Name Class Description
Daimond Anomalies that can be explained by mainstream science or are misidentified as anomalies.
Spiral Anomalies that are intentionally or accidentally destroyed or lose their anomalous capabilities.
Pawprint Anomalies that are employed by the Foundation. It's similar to the Pentagon Class, but it exclusively involves anomalous humanoids.

Lethality Rating:

This is the Lethality Rating, it is used to classify how lethal an anomaly is.


The anomaly has no chance of beign lethal and can even be beneficial to the Foundation.


The conditions that make the anomaly lethal can be easily avoided and treated.


The anomaly might have lethal capabilities, but it is not guranteed.


The anomaly is extermly dangerous and should be handeled with utmost caution.


The anomaly poses a significant threat to all life on earth, and can cause cataclysmic events.


The anomaly possesses the ability to annihilate entire realms and dimensions.


The anomaly not only has the capability to destroy the metaphyiscial realm but also the pataphyisical realm.

How to use Object Classes:

When writing the Object Class for your CAT, you must always place the name of the color you wish to use in front of the name of the shape. For instance, if an anomaly is harmless and easily containable, it would be classified as Red-Circle. Please note that when you select the color, you should change the entire class name to that color.

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