Security Clearances

Clearance Level Alpha: Blue

Epsilon Status is only given to non-essential personnel, such as janitors and accountants, who don't require any knowledge of anomalies.

Clearance Level Beta: Green

Delta Status is only granted to scientists who require direct information about Class-Alpha and Class-Beta anomalies.

Clearance Level Gamma: Red

Gamma Status is only granted to intermediate scientists who require information about Class-Gamma and Class-Epsilon anomalies.

Clearance Level Delta: Orange

Beta Status is only granted to advanced scientists and members of military response teams who interact with more lethal anomalies.

Clearance Level Epsilon: Black

Alpha Status is only granted to administrative personnel and scientists with very special connections to the overseers.

Feline Operatives

Experimental Entity personnel essentially serve as lab rats for the Foundation and are often used for testing CATs.

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